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The man above is Paul Lauoma, owner of Aussie Moving, who we speak of in hushed tones.
Write this number down immediately: 805/456-6498

You'll need Paul if you want the best . . . as what he and his crew took on for us was above and beyond.

He looks relaxed wrapping the huge and heavy, ONE-piece corner cabinet. It had to come down from a second floor office over the railing of a balcony . . . the same way it went in. The cabinet looks almost manageable . . . only because Paul is such a big man, with confidence to match.

Paul knows what he's doing (this was not his first rodeo) but it was still a risky job that took
some planning and some patience. And maybe a little Aussie determination.

The "V" is for the VICTORY . . . "Nothing to it" was the message . . . from 18+ feet on high.
But don't believe it. There was a LOT riding on this move.

After that corner cabinet trick, the Steinway was a BREEZE!

Hydraulics always help . . . but so did David and Richard!

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