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Surprise! . . . everything fit into the storage space!

Hey Pittsburgh. This was no surprise! . . . everything fit the elevation plan we'd done!
Everything except what went into a second, but smaller locker the next day!

Over two nights, nine legal-sized file behemoths (remember those?) and some smaller bins were moved from the second floor to the first floor by Danny & Rik. Not insignificant! Above,
thanks to Marborg, they have finally left the building.

While the file behemoths were heavy, we try to enjoy our clients' cooking when we can, especially when we're reminded by an environmental campaign we did over several years for Traffic Solutions
a tandem effort to Go Lightly sponsored by the County of Santa Barbara and Caltrans.

So after 34+ years at 206, this is it . . . as we walk out the door for the last time,
honoring as best we can this grand old lady Victorian who has served us all so well.

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