Hi guys ~

Posted on Tuesday, 7/14/20.
The last stop on the AWON journey for this turn of the wheel.

Starting with the Business Card Fronts & Backs.

Getting these done is not the issue.

If it were up to me (and if everyone would pay their way), I think every Boardie
should have a stack of these we can take to the New Orleans Conference.

Check the costs for 500 ~ which couldn't BE any better!

And QUALITY is not the issue.

I think you've both seen samples of the Membership Cards ~
that were produced by this same vendor.

The issue is the Little Red Hen.

I've painted myself into a corner here, as while I've DONE all the "upgraded" Board Tributes now, and will
hereby commit to donating the time it will take to complete the Board cards, get approvals,
ORDER them all online, do it on my nickel, & seek individual reimbursements.

But I CANNOT donate the balance of 200 Tributes (& do cards for all who want them) ~
as a Volunteer! At these prices, I'm guessing that most who do upgrades ~ will (or should) want cards.

The "problem" is . . . the TIME it takes to design, research, complete the finished art,
seek approvals, do the installation of the Upgrades, do online ordering of the cards, etc.
is way beyond my ability to Volunteer! And we need a solution.
One that works for AWON (as it should) and for me (as it also should).

I'm working on this, and can only ask for your understanding.