Hi guys ~

Thanks for being here! Posted the page on Monday, 7/13/20.
Objective ~ to review the Commemorative Program ~ its content and its costs.

Starting with the main 2021 Conference Graphic.

Above, what could be a striking cover ~ in a HORIZONTAL format.

Below, what could be just as striking as a more conventional Vertical Format.

Both of these can be considered options for the regular conference
PROGRAM ~ & not for the COMMEMORATIVE ~ but scroll down.

We've added NEW postings (dated 7/15).

Walt's suggested CONTENT list ~

1. Short history of AWON

2. Copy of Non-profit paperwork

2. Short narrative on Ann Bennett Mix

3, Memorials to our Fathers/Mothers

4. List of AWON Orphan Authors and titles

5. Copies of AWON Orphan Poets and their work.

6. List of AWON National Conferences

7. List of support Business supporting narrative and ads...
possibly to include the Gold Star, TAPS, National WWII Museum, World Memorial, etc.

8. ????

What's below is just to begin the conversation about COSTS.
This is no time to be SHY. As the cost to PRINT & BIND
needs to be supported (outpaced) by the REVENUE.

We might consider doing TWO Price Lists ~ one for corporate sponsors ~
and a second one with slightly reduced costs for AWON Members.

Kristin will need to figure into this too ~ rather prominently ~ as she'll represent a cost here, too.

New Postings on 7/15/20

Good meeting yesterday ~ a good start.

Main conclusions on the Commemorative book ~ it should feature the WWII MUSEUM
rather than the hotel ~ so here are some new choices.

As I mentioned, I don't think the exterior shots of the MUSEUM are quite as sexy as the exterior shots of the HOTEL,
but here are a couple of what I think are the best. If someone else finds a better shot ~ please alert me!

There's more detail on each of these below, so you can see more detail, but I think the LOOK
of the Conference Commemorative should tie into the look of the regular Conference Program.

Two exteriors and an interior. Of which the second (early evening) exterior is a little warmer.

Next: the three individual covers . . .

Morning or afternoon lighting.

Early evening lighting.

There's a different possibility here. While not an exterior (it was actually Dianna's thought to use
an interior instead) ~ because of the PICTURES ~ which could be especially appropriate ~
considering that Remembering our Fathers is the focus of the content.

Maybe we can ask the MUSEUM if they have (or can TAKE)
a new picture that even more CLEARLY represents the pictures
. . . more than the uniforms . . . if we want to go this way.

Note that if we use an interior ~ we need to add the Museum LOGO.

Here's a revision of the Ad Sizes & Rates piece . . .
this one being MEMBER Rates . . . which in essence gives our members
a DISCOUNT for space used for personal Remembrances.

This piece changes the main "message" to "Remembering our Fathers,"
and includes the MEMBER rates we discussed.

Note the DEADLINES ~ which could be EARLIER.
We might use a RESERVATION deadline of OCTOBER 1st
and an ART Deadline of NOVEMBER 1st ~ so we can
wrangle most of the heavy COMPOSITE work before the holidays!

One more new subject as a result of the meeting yesterday:

A HALF-PAGE AD in The Star ~ aiming for no-money-down REMEMBRANCE
space reservations. To go to the new Half Page Ad page Click Here.