Hi guys ~

This page was posted on Wednesday, 7/15/20.
Objective ~ to review the Half Page Ad for The Star.

Here's my proposed Half Page:

My thinking ~ is that our primary mission here is to encourage early (no money down)
SPACE RESERVATIONS for the 30th Anniversary COMMEMORATIVE program.

Admittedly, there's a lot going on here ~ but we really need it all to achieve the objective.
We need our Members to be able to associate a COST to a SPACE; and we need
to convey the deadlines involved ~ and what will be the final proceeds of the exercise.

Obviously, we'll change out the Commemorative Cover to
match the one we choose, if it can be done quickly.

I recommend moving the Deadlines up:
SPACE Reservations by October 1st
ART Finalized and in by November 1st

And we need to get Kristin involved ~ like soon.

Here's what the ad will look like in the context of a page in The Star.
(Kristin, if you will be so kind).

Just for reference, above are the space SIZES and newest COSTS we had discussed:

For simplicity ~ only FULL, HALF-Page and QUARTER-Page spaces will be offered.

With luck, the ALERT (coming soon ~ when The Star publishes) and with an easy
(no money down) RESERVATION of a SPACE ~ communicated to Kristin ~ (as with
her permission, her E-Mail address will be on the sheet) ~ this should give us a fairly
clear EARLY idea of AWON Membership participation.

MailChimp, Facebook, & LIST reminders can be launched to gather maximum participation,
whether a Member is planning to attend the Conference ~ or not.

We'd discussed a price tag of $25 for the 30th Commemorative program. Or should it be $30?

And should a Commemorative Program (as WELL as a standard Conference Program)
be priced into the cost of Conference Reservations? Where an attending member
might purchase additional copies for grandchildren . . . :-)?

We might need to take reservations for extra copies of the COMMEMORATIVE,
as WELL as for the Remembrance pages.

Finally, we need to discuss the marketing (& mailings necessary ~
both E-Mail & Snailmail) of our publication to corporate audiences, banks,
and maybe even to local retailers of our Members' own selection.
Why NOT get our general Membership involved??

For the willing (and there should BE some willing) ~ if we start to convey,
(as I feel we should) that our Members need to participate if AWON is to continue . . .
we can provide them with "Packages" (an AWON Brochure and a pricing piece in a #10 Envelope).

We could add a generic letter describing the need (signed by Walt) and one blank
sheet of AWON Letterhead (if they want to write their OWN cover letter). All up for discussion.

We have another CONFERENCE meeting scheduled for Sunday evening ~ 7/28,
and maybe we can have more of the details finalized by then. Please consider
"corporate" pricing ~ for Full-page, Half-Page, and Quarter-Page ads.

New Posting ~ Friday, 7/17/20
It's the revision of the Half-page ad.

I'm fairly sure this revision includes most of what we discussed . . .

Adjusted design to accommodate a larger Size/Cost sheet, a description of Content (a tease, at least) ~
and what will be a LINK to a more detailed WEB page ~ where we'll include ~ simply more details
(of content, of production scenarios, and how and whom and when to PAY).

I simplified the sheet to some degree. Nixed the METRIC measurement alternatives completely ~
increased the type size of the INCH measurements ~ made them BLUE . . . & put the OBJECTIVE
(to encourage early SPACE Reservations) in the lower left-hand corner.

Note that I changed the two DEADLINES ~ so that the Space Reservation Deadline
is now October 1, and the actual ART (and money) Deadline is now November 1 ~
to keep at least the heaviest work away from the holidays.

You may still want me to change the three PRICE points ~ which is no big deal to do.
I just want to be sure we've all thought it through ~ as this needs to be the time.

Hard to do when we don't know the # of ads, the # of pages, or the quantity ~ quite yet.

Meanwhile, this should be fairly CLOSE. We can always make changes, if necessary ~
and explain it later on the WEB page. But let me know ~ so I can either make more changes ~
or send a PDF of the Half Page ad to Kristin.