Hi guys ~
Posted on Monday, 7/13/20.
Objective ~ to review what may be our pre-conference Mailing Materials.

Starting with basic Letterhead and matching Envelopes.

Above is the LETTERHEAD version we chose.

Below, #10 matching ENVEOLPES that could be done with or without the promotional graphic. Or both.
That is, we could do a quantity for the MAILINGS . . . and a second quantity
(with no promotional graphic) to support normal operations.

I do think the promotional line would help the MAILINGS.

The Main inclusion with the Letterhead will be the Main Brochure.

The advantage being that the essence of AWON is covered in the brochure . . .
allowing the letter to focus on the fundraising (Help Us Celebrate?) purpose of the message.

First three panels below are the flap, the Back Cover & the Front Cover, respectively.
This 7/12/20 update includes changes submitted by Walt on 7/4.

The three INSIDE panels are just as you see them below. The inside spread.

This is where the advantage of adding an eventual "Library" of INSERTS kicks in . . .

As we could print simple, one-panel INSERTS to match the OBJECTIVE (and the audience) for specific mailings.

The insert on the Left is MEMBERSHIP specific, and the insert on the Right is specific to THIS MAILING.
No reason not to use BOTH! They're very inexpensive.

For the corporate mailings ~
Why not also include a piece the helps the reader get more quickly in touch with what we want them to DO ~
which is to support us by buying advertising.

Suggeston: ~ Both the Cover Letter and the Ad Size piece should include
CONTACT information ~ probably for Kristin.

These next examples are all PRINTING QUOTES from Next Day Flyers for:

Brochures 500
Brochures 1000

Inserts 500
Inserts 1000

Ad Sizes Flyers 250 (which should be all we'll need)

This is all fairly straightforward, but call or write if you have any questions. 805/963-7835.