Posted Monday, February 18, 2019

Steve, Ursula, Cochrane folks

This is just so you can see what we're seeing.

For the record . . . we've LOVED the indoor-outdoor carpet!
Nobody quite understands why you seem to be fixing what everybody likes!

If you'll look at the records, you'll probably find that there are NO PROBLEMS with this solution.
Dianna actually VACUUMS the top two levels, & Kevin (downstairs) always VACUUMS the lower level.
Niceties nobody sees continuing if the solution will soon be PAINT!

The GLUE is the problem . . . revealed with removal of the carpet, which, if done right, is going to take
considerable time to remove or sand down. Hours way beyond just power washing & painting.

Steve, this stuff this GLUE is really KNARLY. You could save a lotta money
by just replacing the indoor-outdoor over it no sanding no spraying just hide all that stuff. . .
with no further "treatment" saving money & making everybody happy again.

Leave the balcony just as it is, and save even more!