Posted Thursday, May 1, 2014 Confidential

Dear AWON Board . . .

I wrote you all a note last night (original below) that included three attachments. All this went through to some of you, but not to all, as Verizon & at least one other carrier saw it as spam
(go figure) and blocked the mail.

To prevent any more blocks, you should be able to download all three attachments by clicking
their icons below the note . . . Please note no Viri here, & nothing unintended . . .

Didn't mean for this to be a hassle as I routinely get EVERYbody's spam just fine . . . :-)

But just to be sure you've all received all three attachments (main letter is in the first one), I need to ask you to drop me a mail at just to let me know you've received them.

When I hear that everyone has them, I'll purge them from this page.
Many Thanks . . . & Onward!

That should be it . . . Happy Weekends!