One VERY public measure of our program's success can be found by searching
Google Images, which draws the most notable internet images from around the world.
This is actually OUT there . . . it is REAL . . . and takes us out of "speculation" mode.

Go to Google Images . . . and look for: Memorial Day Wreaths at (your cemetery), and see what you find.
What we found is that a large & disproportionate share of Wreath images are of AWON's Wreaths and Banners!

At Manila American, 8 of the 17 single-wreath images posted on PAGE ONE –
(47%) are AWON Wreaths & Banners. There's Patty in the middle of the group.

At Netherlands American (Margraten), 8 of the 13 single-wreath images posted on PAGE ONE –
(62%) are AWON Wreaths. Régine & Bernard are actually at H-C, but it's still the AWON Wreath & Banners they show.

At Ardennes American, an astounding 14 of the 19 single-wreath images posted on PAGE ONE–
(74%) are AWON Wreaths! Gail is on the right side of row 3.

Stating the obvious, when there are so many DOZENS of beautiful wreaths at every ONE of these cemeteries –
every year . . . is it really their beauty (alone) that makes ours jump forward and stand out from the others?
Or could it have something to do with remembering our fathers BY NAME?

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