Name & Banner Prep, Page 2.

Dianna packs the banners and cover letters in tissue and cardboard.
This one is going to Rhone for Victor Muller.

Victor's cover letter goes aboard – and the international shipping form is checked
to be sure it matches the address on the cover letter. It does.

Mailing Labels for Luxembourg, Florence, Punchbowl, and Carthage.
Check that label for Lux! – and see below.

Despite "Luxembourg" in two of the three address lines – and despite someone hand writing "Luxembourg"
on the label, the Lux package naturally ended up in Dubai! It happens, as (newsflash!) international shipping isn't
always 100% perfect, even though this exact SAME address had worked successfully for seven prior years.

Cal Boardman had a late entry on April 25th – to a package that had actually been the very first package to ship.
So to get it right for a brand new AWON daughter –who had specifically wanted to remember her father by name –
SGT Harold E. Simmons, Jr. was added, and new banners were printed, trimmed, punched, packed, and reshipped.

Not insignificantly, Memorial Day 2015 marked eleven years that George Zatco's Dad has been remembered.

To prevent using the outdated banners on the wreath, we included this remedial cover letter from Cal
in the second shipment. So while the Lux package didn't work this year (. . . so sorry, Mary!) . . . this one did.

Bottom line: like you, we do this as a labor of love. And in this labor, we love (and do our best) to get it right.
But just know this . . . that there is NOTHING we would rather do than help you all remember these men
by name. To be clear, Dianna and I are not interested in standing down due to age or inconvenience!

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