These spreadsheets have been a huge part of the administrative underpinnings we've used
for the Wreath & Banner program to date. They've been used to organize, timeline, stage, and confirm the work
across all 16 cemeteries, and to keep track of contacts with and donations from the sons & daughters of Henri-Chapelle.
There are some numbers & relativities here that it may be both interesting and helpful for all of us to understand.

The spreadsheet above is what I use to keep track of the STATUS of the Names & Banners for each Coordinator,
exactly where we stand in that critical March-through-April process, and to whom we're sending the goods.

Above is a really rudimentary, earlier (2007) format. I always shared these compilations with Sharon,
which is why her grandson graces the title block. Eleven of the original Stateside Coordinators are still with us in 2015.

I bet no one knew that even the packaging of the Name Banners was such an issue.

Above are the real proceeds of what we've done together.
We remembered 652 men by name this year. There is continuity and sentiment here. With thanks!

My List for Henri-Chapelle shows 156 sons and daughters, so this is just a little part of it. It shows that we keep track
of donations over time (see the 9-year total column in green on the right). It also shows that not all donors
are active EVERY YEAR (though some pay their dues EVERY YEAR just so their Fathers will be remembered).
Finally, it shows that an AWON First Founder, Frank Burtnett, is a major donor, though from a dues-paying standpoint,
he's rarely aboard our starting lists. But he donates substantially for the W&Bs almost every year, so as long as
we have a certain Coordinator discretion, we have no plans to nix the father of an AWON First Founder.

Thanks to staging help from Sharon in the early days, and from Judy Hoffman in more recent years,
I'll confirm that the web pages are a lot of work. Nearly 200 pages so far including more than 800 images
and videos
. Not even shown here are another 30 web pages and another 103 images we've done
to remember services at Arlington and other domestic cemeteries that don't do Name Banners.

Please note . . . these LAST two compilations may be the most important!

If anyone's curious about the cost of the Banner Panels & overseas shipping for 2015, it's above.
The total cost for all 16 cemeteries was $301.70. Divide that by 16, and the average cost
of the Name Banners component was $18.86 for each of us.

This may be the most telling set of numbers on the page. It'll be even more telling to see composite numbers
for all 16 of us, as Treasurer Jerry Pinkerton is working on this for us now. But as is common for Henri-Chapelle,
our donors end up contributing more to the AWON General Fund each year (over & above the cost of goods)
than it costs to do the Memorial Day Wreath & Banners. So nearly $300 this year went into the General Fund.

Also note that the (relative) cost of the Names Banners is less than 4% of overall donations.

For the sons & daughters of Henri-Chapelle there's the real objective an extraordinary value!

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