We're a small, Santa Barbara, Ca-based creative consultancy. Entrepreneurs ourselves,
we're aimed at bringing early clarity, risk management, and a sense of perspective humor
to the extraordinary journey of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial managements everywhere.

Since Day One (September of '76) we've specifically focused on the six disciplines (click any
of them at left) that years of experience suggest are most necessary to marketing success.

We're most effective when we're fully (at least regularly) engaged in ally relationships where
we have at least a hand or voice in all six disciplines on the marketing side of project support,
but are happy to consult, design, and produce in furthering disciplines a la carte and even
sometimes even out of order. As building a brand is so often that way.

We orchestrate as well as produce, and work with a wide array of talented professionals
that enthusiastically share our work ethic, especially in the areas of budgets, deadlines,
and (this part's really easy) -- doing what we say we'll do.

Our principals are Rik and Dianna Peirson. They arrived in Santa Barbara in 1972, have
been married for 30+ years, and bring degrees in advertising and journalism.

Rik (BA in Adverising, Penn State '67) is a decorated Vietnam combat veteran (advisor in
IV Corps, RVN '68-'69) a Captain in Military Intelligence. (Once a) licensed pilot, Rik learned
the business at Ketchum, MacLeod & Grove and at Marketing Minds, Inc. in New York City,
before coming to Santa Barbara as a copywriter and strategist at Larson/Bateman, Inc. His
work in New York included marketing for Air Jamaica, Japan Airlines, Johnson & Johnson,
and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Rik has taught Primary Research and Entrepreneurial Advertising over several years at
UCSB Extension, and wider subjects in single classes and special events at SCORE, at
Santa Barbara Ad Club, and at Womens Economic Ventures. Rik's current job at Day One
is centered in client management, creative, and strategic direction.

Dianna (BA in Journalism, Cum Laude, Fresno State '68) learned the business under fire
of her own, heading Traffic (creative scheduling and management) for Larson/Bateman, Inc.
in what became nearly $13 Million in annual billing.

Dianna currently handles all Day One Media Planning and Production . . . 206 East Victoria
office management, is responsible for a surprising amount of creative, and as she'll read here
for the first time, complete worldwide profitablility.