Posted Monday, Jan 29, 2018

Ursula We'll get to the bottom of this . . .
assuming the objective is plugging the deck drain.

I got some good advice about overdoing this . . . but we really want to be sure.

Above is the drain without the cap.

Some of what we used today to plug the drain.

Pretty low tech . . . starting with a dry rag down the hole . . . if anything gets this far . . . which it shouldn't.

Then a common rubber drain stopper . . . with a double shot of silicon all around.
This should seal the stopper to the surface of the deck.

Then a standard plastic food tub cover, sealed to the deck with electrical tape.

Then lots of duct tape . . . over ALL of that.
Because the surface is so irregular, it seemed right to do.

And for good measure, a terra cotta pot bottom over the whole thing.
With the original drain protector just to remind us what's (way) under there.

This should take care of Stan's problem . . . or I'll need to find another line of work!