Now that we've celebrated your birthday as it's a big deal to get to 60 as a milestone of life . . .
you'll be surprised to hear us say it's NO big deal to counteract some of your misgivings . . . Here's why:

1. Age is relative anyway. Remember when you were 6 . . . ??? You couldn't WAIT to be able to say you were 6 1/2!

2. Age is beautiful. If you're at all like us, then it may be true that you'll have less tolerance for some things that bug you . . . but we bet you'll have MORE tolerance for other things. And a far deeper, better-learned appreciation for yet other things
you never cared about or even knew existed when you were "young."

3. Age is pioneering, because we're all living longer and you'll be setting the pace for longevity beyond the ages we might ALL have expected to live (with good life quality) just a few years ago. As when you were 6 1/2, you thought anyone who was SIXTY was just about DONE! But with a new (60ish) perspective just a wild guess here you aren't done at all.

4. Kids are still taught to respect their elders . . . it's a GOOD thing!

Listen to Dr. Blum . . . you're just getting started!

Love & Hugs from Rik & Dianna!

But wait . . . now there's more!

We seriously don't know what happened, but ALL THREE pictures were took at ES turned out red. SO red that I broke my pick trying to color balance to get the red out. So we just went grayscale for clarity . . .