Happy Birthday, Dick! a major milestone!

Of course now that we've made our "discovery" that the milestone slipped by us (no excuses), we're a little contrite actually a lot contrite, making us wonder whether this day is your opening performance date, or was a blatant fig newton of our imaginations . . . always a possibility at this age!

We still want to acknowledge and honor your birthday a significant one (on January 5th?) that in the scheme of things, so many earlier generations never got to enjoy. The fact that you reached it simply means that your star is yet ahead and that your quest isn't over. Though we suspect that La Mancha will represent a certain satisfaction well deserved.

The lyrics above are a microcosm of everything important in life . . . at least for those who relate in just this way . . . as so many of us do . . . to the immense travails and seeming impossibilities of life . . . to which a combination of great talent, a deep understanding, and a commanding voice responds. Trite as those lines may seem to be, they absolutely nail the emotions involved in such a quest, which is why what you're doing is such a perfect culmination of everything you've ever done to prepare . . . an immensity of its own.

Still know that we love and honor you . . . every day . . . and are proud and grateful that you and Alyce are in our lives.

Rik & Dianna