Posted Wednesday, April 9, 2014
This is just so you'll know you've found the page.
Choices & rationale are below.

Just realized you may be doing some scrolling around
if you're going to try to see all this on your iPhone.
it's through the eye of a needle . . . but you should see it.

On the LEFT (both above & below) are the headlines over the original photo.

In the CENTER (both above & below) are the heads over a "sketched' treatment,
similar to what we did for Marci Junior. This is usually a good, more "painterly"
treatment. It brings out the texture of your Mom's seersucker jacket, for instance,
but I think it's a little "rough" for the card. But what matters is what YOU like.

On the RIGHT (both above & below) are a combination (of photo & sketch)
which I personally like best. But again, yours is the vote that matters.

I know from Dianna that you'd never heard the "Fair Winds" phrase before,
so for what it's worth I thought you might want to know its significance,
as I did this version before knowing that your words were specific "copy."
It's a very old & well-known naval blessing, with references all over the internet.
What's below is just one of the first ones I found. Last paragraph is the only important one.

Annie, just choose whichever one you feel is right always your call.
We'll print it on glossy stock, fold on the left, and you'd then be able
to write a sentiment on the inside.