Page 5.

Upcoming projects . . . gathering the evidence (see all those pins) representing decades in the travel agency business;
and honoring Dick's latest megarole lead as Cervantes/Quixote in Man of La Mancha!

There may be a few loose ends here, like stories that can be told (or not) by those who may or may not
have been involved in various purported acts of debauchery.

Having done well more than our share of damage, and with thanks in our hearts to our host & hostess (say your
names again?) we're heading for Palm Beach airport. If only the scenery had been better.

Feeling a little inside out, we were gratified at LAX to find our Santa Barbara Airbus.

If this seems too insignificant a note on which to end a slideshow, it may be that you've simply never tried one.
For a sure-fire antidote, call any local office of Veterans Services for the Blind.

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