Posted Monday (MLK Day) Jan. 21, 2013
& modified on Jan 22, 2013

Hi Annie --

As you'll see, the Jones case is less than straightforward, mainly because, well, it's "Jones" --
and because as you'll see below, they're showing three different JONES coats from England -- and one each from each of three countries . . . Ireland, Scotland, & Wales.

If your origin had been Ireland, Scotland, or Wales, your choice would have been clear. Since you know your heritage was British, the choice (among the first three coats below) will be yours. Just say which one you want -- and we'll get it for you.

As for Brackett . . . if you know for sure that a your origins are English, then we can probably get it.
Dianna has talked to the company -- and they'll have to "research" it first -- (for $9.95) to see if they can "find one." Our guess is that they probably WILL -- and will apply the "research" fee to the final price,
if you choose to buy it.

Notice that the "Brackett" coat (below) has no name above the graphic, no device over the helmet --
and no crest on the shield. It's a base (generic) graphic. They'd have to add the name, device,
and crest -- based on what they "find" -- & they'd probably also match the colors on
the leaves & other art to the colors on the crest or shield.

Our confidence isn't high in the "authenticity" of this . . . researching, finding, & making up the
graphic. It seems very much like their (mostly boilerplate, we think) historical text "description."

Nevertheless, on the impetus of your wanting to move ahead, Dianna has ordered
the $9.95 "preview" -- which we'll send you when it comes in.

In any case, Annie, and for now, please let us know which of the three JONES choices you'd like, and whether you want the historical description, too.

Modified again on 1/22/13
now that we have the Brackett coat below

Annie -- Now we need your OK on the Brackett coat of arms -- your selection of the Jones coat of arms from above -- whether you want (or don't want) the accompanying historical description --
and the quantities you want. Hey . . . it's a DOG!!

Best -- R&D