Every Day One meeting for the last 34 years has been around the table below
built for us in 18 sections by a proud German craftsman.

We've had all this time to confirm what we've always suspected what others before us have also suspected
that the best meetings often happen when everyone at the table feels as important as everyone else at the table.
The roundtable concept doesn't guarantee success, of course, but we can guarantee that it's a contributing factor.

In any case, we need to leave our space on East Victoria, and hope to continue the tradition
somewhere in Santa Barbara in a compatible, like-minded professional environment. Perfect would be
a relatively small, but dynamic professional firm that loves the look and feel as we do, who wants to change
or upgrade their conference room and would abide us for a couple of meetings a month (times schedulable
& always negotiable) just for the use of the furniture at all other times.

We're mainly interested in finding the right situation for the conference room table and chairs, but other elements
like the Steinway and the Big Screen may be worthy of discussion. There are a couple of other conditions and considerations, too but they're normal ones, like providing security and maintenance.

If you may have a situation as we've described, let's talk.