Posted Saturday, Aug. 22, 2015
I'm sorry to say I actually OWN Outlook . . . (as it "came with" the Office package I bought last year
for Excel & PowerPoint) though I've never heard much that's good about it, and nearly ALL
of the address book hackings I've seen over the past few years have been perpetrated
against Outlook users. Which is why (even if I had a PC), I wouldn't use Outlook.

This is the way your note to Dennis looked when it got to me. Nothing really wrong with this, except you should resist
the temptation to add hard carriage returned at the end of a line. I used to do this too, as it looked better on MY E-Mail screen, but by the time it got somewhere, the hard carriage returns end up being short lines (which are distracting)
especially in an E-Mail that's packed with wisdom ;-)!

I think the above proof of purchase was for my $99 bundle, which I still use, except without Outlook.

You shouldn't need a tech guy to download & install your 'Office" goodies,
though from what you said, you just got "Outlook (alone), right?