Posted Friday, September 11, 2015

Avoiding surprises (and hoping for a very QUIET 911) we did the final combination treatments
on all 7 Palm City properties, so we can now estimate with better clarity what these costs are
and what it'll take to complete the 7 properties we have ready for Stuart, Hobe Sound, & Jupiter.

To see the final composite graphics on the 7 Palm City properties, Click Here!
Then come back. I know the spreadsheets here may take a little study, but they'll be worth it.

Remember that you've given us the property references for all four market areas,
and we've captured ALL the images & have put up pages with our hero/inset recommendations
on those four, though for projectability, only Palm City time is figured in the spreadsheets below.
Where part of the message is what you can do with a basic knowledge of Excel.

The purpose of the spreadsheet above was to come to grips with the actual time involved
(as accurately as we can) in all the steps from your E-Mail reference to the resource, the capturing,
sizing, treating & saving of the images, then posting combinations for your approval,
then completing & sending off the final composite images for each property. There's a definite advantage
& an economy of scale when we can do (select, approve, complete, & send) 7 of these at a time.

It's true . . . that without being right there with you (& being able to describe to you what's going on here)
these spreadsheets may take a little study, but if you do (as I have) we can both learn a lot. I think.

The spreadsheet above shows roughly what the actual "production" of seven composite images cost
(projectable to Stuart, HS, & J), no doubt. The N/C write downs are mostly one-time, non-recurring
investments, which include a LOT of surrounding and very miscellaneous "wrangling" time, as any former
AE knows. Still, those time requirements (and investments) are real, are substantial, and are recurring.

In the interest of delivering buddy rates while recognizing what our our rates actually are,
we've been consistent in treating a LOT of clarifying, strategizing, estimating, calculating, etc.
basic (and often necessary) administrative time in most cases as non-billable.

Interesting in itself that our last (non hosting-related) billing to HSH was three years ago this month.
And you can see that our buddy discounts, investments, or write downs as you see it were substantial.

Bottom line, Dick, it's a real advantage (to both of us, I think) to do batches at a time.
And with a buddy discount that hovers around 50%, you should see the value here.

Doing seven of these (not uncomplicated) puppies for less that $50 each from start to finish
just ain't bad. And that's without financing. It won't erase the start for Wisconsin or Penn State,
or the reality of having to leave the island, but in the scheme of things, it just can't hurt.

Please let me know when we can forge ahead (with Stuart, Hobe Sound, & Jupiter)