This page is in fond memory of Wayne K. Schaltenbrand.

Wayne was two weeks away from making Captain when he was KIA in the Delta on 14 May 1969
by the NVA while on a mission in An Giang Province. Promoted posthumously, he was a West Point
Officer from a proud West Point family in Hialeah, Florida, where h
e had been a diving champion.


This portrait of Wayne at the USMA in New York is thanks to Wayne's Classmate, Kerry O'Hara.


Wayne's last mission was in Cho Moi, on an island in the Mekong.


Wayne is remembered in the Spring-Summer 2010 issue of TAPS --
a publication about the West Point fallen ! Click Here!


The Traveling Wall • Santa Barbara, CA • 5/5/05


This rubbing is from the Moving Wall • hosted by the VVA 218th • Santa Barbara, CA • Sunday, 10/16/16.


The Wall
by Paul I. Alfaro

I was asleep so many years,
Trying to forget the past.
The dreams I had so long ago
Are now hidden in a misty cloud.
But sometimes a gentle wind or
A song will bring back a tear
Or two and I remember
And I hear her call.

The wall, it reaches for me.
As I feel her grip
She embraces me with loneliness
And fills my heart with sorrow.
For I see my friends
And the names of men
That shall be forever still;
Their voices no longer heard
Except as a distant cry
From the hollows deep within
The evil soul of that
Black marbled granite wall.

Fear and death were my companions
When I was young
(And thought I was a man)
But I escaped them so long ago
When I came home, from that
Far and distant land.
But the wall calls to me
And I cry now, as I could not then
For I love her, God help me.
But that marbled wall brought
My friends back again.

Yes, a fitting tribute to those that died;
Simply names, row by row
With no reason why.
Just a black marbled granite wall,

That reaches out and makes you cry.

* * *

– In His Memory –