Posted Thursday, December 30, 2004
Bruce --

Here's the first 770-wide page alternative.

The objective of this first alternative is to improve and hopefully bump the efficacy of the strategy which centers on that little boy.

Other (later) alternatives will move away from this concept to test others -- but for now, the goal is to see if we can add some pulling (or staying) power to this concept.

Assuming that first-blush look may have been causing enough apathy for the user to blow dodge, I thought the first order of business would be to add some visual punch . . . so I started with the red headline -- and the "Power Tools" idea . . . as these are no "ordinary" tools you're offering.

The second thing is to "tangibilize" the tools themselves -- as I think you've been hiding them, at a moment when they are one of the most visually compelling reasons to choose EZ-Net Tools over other providers.

Anyone in the business can talk the talk -- but this actually connects your prospects to the "magic" of your development system. Seeing these elements, and the reality of how simple they are may alleviate the need to show the child. Especially if your prospects can stop wondering about the level of system complexity. The icons may let them exhale.

They also add a splash of color and life -- and in this way add a more visually interesting vertical "break" between your text and graphics.

The tools don't need labels because their actions are so intuitive. It won't take a rocket scientist to figure out what each of these main tools does -- which I think is part of the appeal. It also supports (better than anything we could "say") our contention of simplicity.

There are lots of little nuances here, which you'll either like or you won't, as no rationale will be better than an actual test.

Your alternative was already better than the original, so you may want to test your solution for the first week anyway. Or -- you can use ours as a separate test -- or -- you can combine elements if you like, as you may like some and not others.

I did add a new type font (Scala Sans) -- which I feel is a comfortable, but contemporary look, and which is not around everywhere. But again, see how it plays with your sensibilities -- & Kip's, Joe's & others'.

Based on this -- and hoping that some of it may find its way to later alternatives -- let me know what you feel works, and what doesn't, so I'll know how to proceed to the next alternative.

Happy New Year to you & yours!

Best --

-- Rik