Nobody's ever seen this part of it, but here's what happens
after you approve your cemetery Name Banners & Cover Letters
in mid-April . . . so we can get everything shipped by the end of April.

AWON Memorial Day Name Banners are printed on the highest quality glossy card stock that money can buy.
Nothing's too good for our fathers.

Every banner panel is printed 11x17 . . . then carefully hand trimmed . . . and punched at the top
. . . so the florists have a way of attaching the banner panels.

The whole objective: to remember our (individual) fathers and loved ones individually and by name.

As banners and cover letters and labels are completed, they're staged for shipment.

Destination addresses are double and triple checked for accuracy.
Here's a revelation that Cover Letters both confirm our intentions and deepen our branding
among some of our most important and potentially responsive target audiences.

Ardennes American is staged and ready to go to Belgium for Gail Eisenhauer.

North Africa American (Carthage) is staged and ready to go to Tunis for Diane Sagen.

Florence American is staged and ready to go to France for Bill Chiodo.

National Cemetery of the Pacific is staged and ready to go to the Punchbowl for Susan Chadd,
who was ready to do her own cover letter and overseas shipping.

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