This page and the four that follow chronicle our move-out from the Eastlake Victorian
at 206 East Victoria Street in Santa Barbara, where we've officed since 1980.

Day One was originally the only tenant, then the main tenant in this highly unconventional executive
office building, which we managed for the Favro Family Trust for nearly 35 years. But alas,
the grand old lady has been sold to a group with unknown plans for the building.

The Directory above shows the composite of 206 at the time of the sale
which closed in the late afternoon the day before Thanksgiving, 2014.

The conference room was always the business heart of 206. Hundreds of entrepreneurial marketing meetings and focus groups, creative and legal and other business and public service meetings have been held around this round oak table which we had custom built in 1980. We're looking for a professional downtown office "situation" for the conference room table and chairs. For a description . . . Click Here!

The reality of the move-out glam started with MANY trips to the recycler with the old 240SX carrying
(we were going to say a ton in jest but in truth it may have been) a ton of outdated paper, reference books, camera-ready art mechanicals, contact reports, negatives, color separations, vendor, media & billing records, purchase orders, extra work samples, and unbelievable amounts of miscellany that creep in quietly (we think it happens late at night) . . . like it or not . . . after 30+ years in business.

Danny and Tamicka, his significant other, and crew started us off by buying the sturdy Hide-a-bed that was in Drew's place downstairs thanks to Craig's List. This allowed us a place for the big breakfront that was Grandmother Frost's. The team shot was taken outside our place on Oceano.

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